On this page you will find information about the fees you need to pay while at 巴黎人官方注册, as well as information about other costs and financial programs and assistance.


作为一名学生, 在整个学习过程中,你可能需要支付一些费用, 这取决于你的学位和你的注册状态. 这些费用可能包括学生捐款和学费. 如果你符合条件, you may also be able to obtain a HELP loan for payment of your student contribution or tuition fees.

费用 for undergraduate 国际学生 are different than for local students (Australian citizens, 澳大利亚永久居民, 新西兰公民, and holders of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa). 想了解更多巴黎人直营注册国际学生费用的信息,请 访问国际项目费用页面.


You are an undergraduate student if you have completed secondary studies (e.g. Higher School Certificate (HSC) or equivalent) and are now studying a Bachelor degree. For fee purposes at 巴黎人官方注册 you are considered a Commonwealth supported student.


You are a postgraduate student if you have successfully completed an undergraduate program (such as a Bachelor degree), completed equivalent studies or have experience in that field of study and are now studying a Graduate Certificate, 研究生文凭或硕士(按课程划分).


You are a Higher Degree 研究 student if you are enrolled in a degree where a minimum of 66 per cent of the work is undertaken by way of independent research (such as a PhD, 大师荣誉, 专业博士学位).


You are an 国际 student if you are not an Australian citizen, 新西兰公民或澳大利亚永久居民.



SSAF是所有学生都要支付的费用, which funds services and amenities including sporting and recreational activities, 就业及职业建议, 健康和福利, 学习技巧课程, 取向, 照顾孩子, 财务建议, 留学生服务和食品服务.

The University consults with students and their representatives about what you see as the priorities for student services and amenities.


除了学费(你的课程和科目)和SSAF, there are a number of costs associated with studying at university. Make sure you find out what additional costs you'll have while studying at 巴黎人官方注册.


If you are required or choose to repeat a subject that you have already studied, 该科目的费用将重新申请.

That means you will need to pay the fee again (every time you repeat the same subject), 即使你在第一次学习这门课程时就已经付过学费了.


教科书 can be expensive with costs varying according to the program and subjects you're studying. 教科书 are often compulsory and you will be required to use them for weekly readings, 评估或开卷考试.

You can find out more information about where to purchase textbooks on the 教科书页. The University 图书馆 buys at least one copy of every prescribed textbook, which are held in 'closed reserve' so they can't be taken out of the library. You can photocopy one chapter or 10% of the number of pages of a textbook (whichever is greater) without infringing copyright laws. The library also aims to hold every 'recommended reading' book in closed reserve.



Getting to uni often has associated costs, whether you're using public transport or driving. 知道你将如何往返大学是很重要的, 以及每周或整个教学学期的花费.


Our campuses are restricted parking areas which use a paid parking system. All vehicles parked on a 巴黎人官方注册 campus must display a valid 巴黎人官方注册 parking permit on the lower, 驾驶座挡风玻璃/破折号.


Frequent printing of lecture notes at the computer labs can add considerably to your stationery costs. Take the time to look over a journal article or textbook chapter before you photocopy or print. If there's only a small amount of information relevant to what you need, you're better off making notes (remember to reference) than wasting paper to print/photocopy. 寻找更便宜的复印费用, 并将办公室等场所与大学图书馆进行比较.


Writing paper and photocopy/printer paper can be surprisingly expensive. 在折扣店购买大包装的A4信纸.g. 凯马特,大W),剩下的留到下个学期. Use both sides of the paper for writing notes and for printing draft versions of assignments. Recycle binders/lever arch folders after each term, rather than storing notes in them.


许多项目会要求你购买专门的设备, 比如科学实验用的白大褂, 用于会计或工程的计算器, uniforms for clinical placements and art supplies for visual arts subjects etc. The retail outlets on each campus stock all required equipment at reasonable prices. 学生们还会在布告栏上放置待售物品.


有些项目会有额外的强制性费用. 例如, PDHPE students must complete a Senior First Aid Certificate (around $160) as part of the requirements for one subject of their program. Nursing students have a number of additional costs, such as immunisations and a Lab Pack. Check with your School for information about your particular program.


A hold is a restriction applied to students with outstanding fees or fines. 这些可以由大学的不同领域强制实施, 因为不同的原因, including library fines for overdue books and non-payment of your SSAF.

Holds have serious consequences; they can cancel your access to University online systems and library facilities, will stop you from getting your results and will restrict you from enrolling in the next teaching term, 也会让你无法毕业. It is important to pay attention to the due dates on notices from the University such as invoices, 报名信息和图书馆书籍.


  • 替换身份证$26.00
  • 临时身份证$16.00


  • 入学证明$25.00
  • 信费用25美元.00
  • 毕业申请确认函$25.00
  • 进度报告信25美元.00
  • 课程完成百分比$25.00
  • 假期工作信25美元.00
  • 度假旅行信25美元.00
  • 完成学生假期工作$25.00



There are a range of work opportunities and financial assistance programs available to students that can help you manage the costs of studying.



如果你需要更多的信息, 帮助或建议, 请联系学生中心studentcentral@fx-binary.net或致电学生中心热线1300 668 370.